Polyethylene air bubble film

Our wide range of different air bubble films provides you with the ideal solution for all your requirements.

Individual solutions

If we do not have your requested design in our portfolio yet, we will be happy to develop a solution tailored to your needs.

Available in rolls

Available widths from 50 mm to 3,000 mm without welding seam or up to 7,000 mm with welding seam, coreless or wound on cores with different Ø, maximum roll Ø 1,200 mm. Longitudinal and transverse perforation possible. Special types: thermal films, gardening insulation films or swimming pool films.

or ready-made

For example: Sheets, bags, Y-covers, box covers, furniture bags, shipping bags, half tubes, tubes, tube sections, round discs, circular blanks, stamped parts …

Key Facts

100% recyclable

biobased, biodegradable and with increased recycled content available (PIR and PCR)

available with different bubble heights and bubble Ø

various finishes are available, such as coloured, writable, antistatic, electrically conductive, UV-stable, flame-retardant, VCI etc.

various laminations are available, such as PP fleece, adhesive film, metallised film, PE foam, paper etc.

available from 30 – 450 mµ

2- or 3-layer version is available




shock absorbing


without additives suitable for direct food contact

chemical resistant

not harmful to groundwater

harmless when thermally recycled

free from risky ingredients


Recycling Cycle

At our currently 11 recycling plants, we recycle all production waste “in-house” and directly reuse the recyclate thus obtained. With some of our partners we have an agreement by which they can return their production waste to us. The recyclate obtained from that, is also directly reused.