Steady Expansion

For more than 45 years, we have grown sustainably with our customers and have constantly developed further. We pay great attention to always being able to maintain capacity reserves in order to remain able to deliver as usual, even in the event of maintenance failures or short-term output peaks.

Short transport distances

With locations in the South and Centre of Germany, we can supply all parts of Germany as well as neighbouring countries without causing unnecessary CO2 emissions due to long transport routes.

Werk I

Engfeldstraße 2 und 4
83339 Chieming
Germany / Bavaria

Werk II

Hilleckerstraße 7
(Access via Knesinger-Straße 14)
83339 Chieming
Germany / Bavaria

Werk III

Eichfeldstraße 19
83339 Chieming
Germany / Bavaria

Werk IV

Am Bornschen
Berge 1
39435 Unseburg
Deutschland /